How to crochet simple cord

Have you ever wondered how to create crocheted cord or a rug with some fine yarn you have?
If you do then this tutorial is just for you.

Many projects and especially amigurumi projects may require from you to make a thin crocheted cord - some bugs body or antennas, plant stalk or different accessories like bracelets and necklaces, bag handles.
Sometimes you want to crochet a rug but you can't find any suitable yarn with that thickness.
Once you learn how to crochet cords you can simply use any yarn you want to create first a cord of it and then crochet a rug. 

You may use any yarn and hook, just make sure to do a bigger starting chain than needed.

Chain any number of stitches - if you plan to create a rug from crocheted cord simply go with the whole ball of yarn. While making chains make a ball with the chained cord. 

Once you are done with the ball now go back.

Ch 1 and ss in the next stitch, continue ss in next st till end. Turn.

Ch 1, now insert the hook in the starting loop and the lower loop of the st made in the last row and yo, pull through both loops, continue the same way till the end.

That is all - now you may use the cord made for necklaces, bracelets, amigurumi projects or instead of t-shirt yarn for rugs.

Crocheting with the cord - you may easily do any rug, or any small project.

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