ZigZag Bracelets

I like crocheted bracelets. They can be done in any colors to match the cloths or other accessories like headband or belt, they are soft and the most important - allergy free. They are perfect gift and are one of those small crochet projects you can make in less than an hour.

This is very simple pattern that uses just combination of doubles so it is easy to make even for beginners in crocheting.

*** This pattern is free. You may sell the products you make from my patterns but not the pattern itself. If you sell items from this pattern please link back to this post. Do not copy and repost this pattern or any of the photos and claim them as your own. ***

This pattern uses US crochet terms.

Yarn: The yarn I used is 75% cotton, 25% viscose, but any yarn will do 
Hook size: 3mm (hook size conversion chart), any other hook will also work well, it will just make the bracelet bigger (if you use bigger hook) or smaller(if you use smaller hook).
Stitches used: ch and dc
Finished size: 0.75in/2 cm wide, 8 in/20cm long - can be done longer or smaller to fit any hand
Gauge: The gauge is not important here as you can easily adapt the pattern for any hook size and yarn. Just add or remove stitches from the starting chain, make sure it contain even number of stiches.
Colors: I used different combination of two colors (color A and color B in the pattern)

Note: If you are using hook with size bigger than D/3mm you may replace the dc stitches with hdc to keep the bracelet smaller with almost no holes.

Row 1
With color A ch 44st (or even number st), dc in 4th ch from hook,* skip 1 st, 2dc in next st*, repeat from * to * till end, turn. You may join the end with the start of the chain (make sure it is not twisted) and work in rounds. I prefer to work in rows and join the ends of the bracelet with a button - this way it is easily adapted to fit any hand.

Row 2:

Change to color B - ch 3, dc between the two dc (not in the loops but in the space between the two dc from the previous row, see the picture below), *skip 1st, work 2dc between the next two dc (in the dc space)*, repeat from * to * till the end, turn

Row 3:

Change to color A and repeat row 2. You may now sew the edges or add a button.

Adding a button:
Before cutting the yarn go around the short edge with a row of sc (I made 6 sc), cut the yarn. Then attach the yarn at the oposite edge of the bracelet, work 2 sc, then ch6 (for the button hole), join with sc and do 2 more sc till the end. This is all, now just sew a button.

If you like the bracelet then may also like making a headband as well.

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  1. Que bonito brasalete haz tejido facil y sencillo me voy a animar hacer uno para mi 💞😉✌


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