Eyelash Pompom

Do you have some beautiful eyelash yarn and no idea what to do with it?

The eyelash yarn is great for different borders- for hats, sweater, afghans... It is hard for crochet and you normally want to use bigger hook and any basic stitch - single crochet is perfect. 

Or... you can make is pompoms. Yes, that’s correct! Some eyelash yarn is great for making pompoms. 

Just check the photo of this lovely pompom made with eyelash yarn, isn't it beautiful?

Making pompoms with eyelash yarn uses pretty much the same technic and tool as you normally use for any other pompom. It just takes some time to get use of it.

The tools I normally use to make a pompom:
- yarn
- pompom maker
- sharp scissors - it is important that your scissors is very sharp
- I also use some glue - otherwise the pompom will not stay in kids hands or just after one wash

Used yarn - YarnArt Rabbit, I'm not sure how this colour is named but it is lovely.

Wrap around one side of the pompom maker.


I put some glue now and then between the rows I wrap to make the pompom survive washing:


Wrap around the other side of the pompom maker:

This is how your pompom maker will look like at the end. Now cut the yarn off of the sides of the pompom maker and tie the pompom with yarn.

Remove the pompom maker and cut around the pompom. Form the pompom with the scissors.

That's all.

Check also my crochet patterns section.

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