Linked Textured Headband

I'm so in love with the structure created by the linked double crochet stitches - it is unusual, stylish and the most important - there is no holes like with the standard double crochet stitches. It is as fast to crochet as with the double crochet stitch and very easy to learn.

If you are not familiar with the linked double crochet stitch check my tutorial here.

This headband is a combination of row with ldc and ss and is made in rows, at the very end I've made two button holes on one side and sewed buttons on the other side.

From the right side:

And from the wrong side:

I like how the wrong side of the crochet work looks like - it is unusual and much more different from any other stitch combination.

If you like it like I do here comes the pattern...

*** This pattern is free. You may sell the products you make from my patterns but not the pattern itself. If you sell items from this pattern please link back to this post. Do not copy and repost this pattern or any of the photos and claim them as your own. ***

This pattern uses US crochet terms.

Yarn: Worst weight yarn
Hook size: 6 mm/ J (hook size conversion chart)
Stitches used: ldc, ss, sc
Finished size: To fit adult's head, can be adapted to any size

ss - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
ldc - linked double crochet
yo - yarn over


Row 1: Ch 75 (or the appropriate number of stitches to fit the size you need), sc in second st from hook, sc till end, turn. 

Row 2: Ch 3, insert the hook in the second ch, yo and pull a loop through (2 loops on the hook). Insert the hook in the next st, yo and pull a loop (3 loops on the hook). Now finish like a normal double crochet - yo, pull through 2 loops, yo, pull through the rest 2 loops. 
Continue with ldc st till the end of the row. Turn.

Row 3: Ch 1, ss loosely in next st, ss till the end. If you can't crochet loosely just change the hook with a size up. Turn.

Repeat row 2 and 3 five more times.

Finish with a row of sc.

Make a row of sc across the width of the headband. Cut the yarn and weave in the ends. 

Button holes:
Turn the headband on the opposite side and make a row of sc across the width, turn (14 st) . Now make button holes - ch 1, sc in same st, sc, ch 3, skip 3 st, sc in next 4 st, ch 3, sk 3 st, sc in last two st, turn. Ch 1, sc, sc, 3 sc in the ch space, sc in next 4 st, 3 sc in chain space, sc in last two st. 
Cut the yarn and weave in the ends.

Instead of buttons you may simply join both ends of the headband and put some embelishment or work the headband in rounds.

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