Get Rid Of The Unusable Scrap Yarn

Do you like to crochet? 

Do you always keep your fingers busy? 

But what to do with all the leftover yarn that fills the space around?

At first the answer may look simple - there are plenty of projects to use your scrap yarn.

Then you look at your leftover yarns just to find out that ...

- Well, all the yarn is with different thickness and different recommended crochet hook/needles size.

- The colors are very different and do not fit any of the yarn buster projects you like.

- There is also some eyelash or multicolored yarn left that will not suit any crochet work you can think of.

- Some of the yarn is soft and stretchy, the other is not.

How to minimize the amount of scrap yarn you cannot really use?

First Step: Choose your preferred hook(s)/needle(s) size. 

What is the hook/needle you use the most often? 

If you look for example at Ravelry there are over 30 000 projects that ask for hook size 4mm/G or 5mm/H against only around 8 000 for lets say hook size 6.5mm/K.

The same applies to needles - over 76 000 projects uses size US 6 - 4mm, while US size 9/5.5 mm is required by only 22 000 projects.

You may choose one hook size for thin yarn - used mostly for appliques, doilies and accessories(bracelets, toys), one hook size for garments and winter accessories (scarves, hats, leg warmers) and one hook for super bulky yarn for those quick winter projects, rugs or bags.

I, for example, prefer using hook size D/3mm for thin yarn, H/5mm for hats/headbands and M/9mm for the projects that use super bulky yarn. This does not mean I crochet only with those hooks! They may be my preferred hook but I also use hook that is a size bigger, smaller or double strands of yarn.

Second Step: Choose a yarn that is recommended for the hooks you have selected

Most of the yarn can be used with bigger or smaller hook/needle size so you will still have yarn for the projects that recommend other hook/needle size.

- It should have plenty of colors (check the colors carefully, some yarn may miss some basic color like green or gray), the more colors the better.

- It should be soft, nice to wear and good price.

- It should be easy to buy - online or in the store close to you.

Test it first on few small projects and if you are happy with it stay with this yarn - buy different colors and always prefer this yarn.

Note: This does not mean you should use only this yarn! But if you have to buy some yarn - preferably buy this yarn. 

If you want to test a new yarn - buy only the amount you will need for a specified project with the colors you need. If you are going to use several colors and you need only a small amount of different colored yarn check first if you have similar leftover yarn that will do the job.

This way there will be no leftover yarn - the yarn that is left from a project will be used in the next project, if you lack a color or not enough yarn for a project buy another ball of the same yarn.

What about if the yarn is discontinued? Usually it is replaced with another similar yarn or you can find another similar yarn - same thickness, similar softness and structure. If you are using acrylic yarn choose another acrylic yarn, if you are using cotton choose another cotton yarn with the same thickness.

Third Step: Refrain from buying very specific yarn if you don't have a specific project for it

When you need such an yarn (like eyelash or multicolored) - buy the amount you will need to minimize the leftovers.

If you start loving another type of yarn - go for to it. You still will be able to easily combine the leftovers from the previous yarn in a scrap buster project as there are of the same type.

And finally: Keep your scrap yarn in some baskets or place where you can easily reach it.

Sort it! Review it often! So you know what you have and if an idea suddenly comes while working on a project use it wisely  - the result may be awesome! Share it :)

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